Raji Nilakantan
201 - Carnation, Parsn Renascence, Chennai

" We moved in to Parsn Renascence from ECR last June . We actually bought this apartment without even batting an eye lid. The entire community was so beautiful, tranquil & green and every single day of our stay has been like living in an extremely well maintained Holiday resort. In fact my cousins & friends have started coming to our home for weekends instead of spending time in expensive resorts. We wake up every morning to the chirping of a variety of birds and the flowers that bloom in various hues gives you tons of positive energy. You have to experience it yourself.

Thank you Parsn for giving us this beautiful community which is maintained impeccably. When our children come from the US they don’t feel that are in India. Renascence can be easily compared to the best Gated communities abroad. "

Mariam Mathew
204 - Aster, Parsn Renascence, Chennai

It was two years ago when I started looking for a new place to live, away from the noise and pollution of the city, that I discovered Parsn Renascence. With the Chitlapakkam Lake on one side and lush green paddy fields stretching to almost five kilometres on the other I could not have asked for a better ambience. To wake up to the sound of birds, the silence of vehicles and the absence of pollution is the unique experience of living in this gated community. The builders, true to their established reputation, have provided all the amenities necessary, an effective water harvesting system, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a shuttle court, a children’s park , piped gas and segregated garbage management are only some of them. In the last 2 years and more I have lived here, I have watched the place grow in eco awareness. I have discovered a happy nook to live.

Sukumar, Twin Villa No.17
Parsn Renascence, Chennai

We are one among the happiest customers of Parsn for more than 20 years. They do not compromise in using good, branded and quality materials from foundation to fittings. Their focus is not only on the construction part and proximity to schools or hospitals, but also in the approach road and environment. Renascence is one such example, with lot of greenery & open spaces and we feel proud to be part of this community.

Sendhil Kumar, Suganya perumal & Nitthil - IH-4, Parsn Renascence, Chennai

Its been a great buying experience for us and Parsn had given us the confidence by communicating all information just over emails. Its a great community with excellent layout of independent houses and apartments that you will never find in the city. Our son enjoys living in this community with lots of friends and play place.

A feather on our cap ! Foreign Nationals who stay in ‘Sesh Nestle’ say - As westerners, Parsn suits our needs very well. It is completely secure, clean and very well kept. The trees and greenery offer welcoming shade and bring natural beauty and a sense of peace to the neighbourhood.

In short, “Parsn is like a sanctuary away from the busy bustle of Coimbatore”. “Our stay here has indeed been very pleasant and now, it feels like home”.

Pilar, Anna, Michelle & Flore.

Dr. M.V.Ramamoorthy, Civil Engineer, retired principal of Madurai Engineering College, presently principal in Sethu Institute of Technology" has a few words to say about Parsn Srishti in Madurai. " Right from the beginning I realized that the people are very much interested in quality. 3 years ago there was nothing here, and now a total transformation to a beautiful complex.I guess this is keeping with the PARSN's Philosophy of providing a beautiful and eco-friendly ambience to all.

C.Sembian Sivakumar B7 – Parsn Galaxy - Coimbatore The house has come out superb with all aspects much above our expectations. You feel living in a Holiday Resort and sure Galaxy is the best place to live in peace and happiness. No other developer has given nature its due as in Parsn. I deeply appreciate your Great Vision and Commitment to quality.

Mr. V. Govindarajan & Mrs. Priya Rajan, D 18, Silvan Estate

Singapore living @ Indian cost…

Clean paved avenues bordered by well maintained rows of trees, pure drinking water, vigilant security… This is not a scene from Singapore but a sample from the several privileges that we enjoy as a Parsnites. Interestingly, Parsn is a township where every member of our family has his / her own circle of friends. Our Parsn, with the grocers, bank, temple, pool, the health centre, basketball court, tennis court, a chaat centre…is indeed a self-contained township. More projects are coming up…never-the-less, the existing ones get their share of care, without any reminder, thanks to an effective system in place, implemented, monitored & maintained upon by a dedicated team. It’s a great feeling to be associated with Parsn, where QUALITY is sheer habit.

Aparna & J.V.B.Sastry C 6, Royal Parsn campus has a beautiful landscape with lots of greenery with more than 600 families living together, it promotes a cosmopolitan culture and a healthy fellowship.

It vibrates with a positive atmosphere, full of laughter and enthusiasm of growing up children. The campus promotes a sense of security and offers scope to sharpen your talents, skills and sports.

In short, a resort like neighbourhood where life flows quiet, peaceful and energetic. A must if you want to live your life a full 360°.

Mr. Mahesh Ramadass, says "I am happy to get associated with a professional team like yours. I extend my sincere appreciations to your Entire team for all that is done. Your performance and results are world class, with due respects to local limitations and requirements. Your Value additions which have been done beyond your promise, shows that you are truly beyond simple trading. Whatever be the percentage of excess cost incurred by you- I agree that the dedication and commitment is more than 100%. Great taste and care has gone into every aspect that you have carved in this township. Keep it up. I take the liberty of thanking you on behalf of myself and all PARSN residents".

"I am at PARSN since very recently, but yes, "I feel important". Everything is too good to be true. You have developed not just a township, but a community. I wish and pray that this odyssey continues forever".

“RADHAKRISHNA MENON” says - This year’s New Year celebrations and carnival held from December 28, 2002 were exceptionally great. Kudos to Col. Narayanan with whose immaculate efficiency, the functions were carried out in a systematic and highly disciplined manner.

General upkeep of the campus area can match any International Standard and we, the residents of the Parsn should be proud of that.

Most of our customers are so happy with the homes that we have built for them that we don’t have to speak for ourselves. It passes from one generation to other. 300 families here will tell you why "Coming home is the best part of the day".